Highlights description

CITCEA-UPC is a research and technological innovation center in the field of electrical energy and power electronics founded in 2001. It belongs to the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, BarcelonaTech. It is a member of the TECNIO network of ACCIO (Government of Catalonia) and is recognized as a Research Group by AGAUR, Government of Catalonia.

CITCEA-UPC’s mission is:

  • To consolidate, train, and grow the team of professors and engineers specialized in electrical engineering who are part of CITCEA-UPC in order to create new research lines in the field of electrical engineering, transferring knowledge and talent to society and industry.
  • To conduct research and generate knowledge in the field of electrical engineering with the aim of converting generated knowledge into technology and transferring it to society.
  • Training: Apply the developed knowledge to train excellent professionals.
  • To actively participate in the social, business, and institutional environment both nationally and internationally through presentations, workshops, and by being part of clusters, associations, and consortia.
  • To add value to the UPC and be at its service by participating in, promoting, and organizing activities in the field of electrical engineering and by participating in the governing bodies of the ETSEIB, the Department of Electrical Engineering, and the UPC.
  • To continue promoting the development and internationalization of research and industry in the country.